developmental SUMMER PROGRAM

(program designed for ages 3-12 years old)

Program overview

Soccer Starts at Home® uses a unique methodology for parents to instill confidence and focus in their children all while developing critical soccer skills and fostering a bond over the love of the sport. Children as young as two years old benefit greatly from the stimulation of brain functions, and the mastery of basic technical skills will give them a significant advantage once they’re old enough to join a team.

Fact #1- A Child’s brain is 90% developed by the age of 5.  This includes the parts of the brain that control muscle coordination, balance, thinking, impulse control, language development, socialization, and more. So, developmental activities at this age can be incredibly powerful for the child.

Fact #2- The most important person to a young child is their parents. A child constantly seeks their parents praise and approval.  So, a parent’s involvement with a child’s activities can be invaluable to their child’s development and happiness.

Based on these 2 simple principles, we have created what we think is the most unique and fun youth development program for kids ages 3-6. We have researched youth developmental programs around the world and the result is what we are kicking off here in Winston Salem. As we put the finishing touches on our program, we are looking for 30 kids and their parent(s) to participate in our pilot program. The cost will be minimal, just to cover the costs of the materials we are providing as part of the program. The timeframe is brief, as each session lasts less than 1 hour. The location is convenient as we are doing this at centrally located Shaffner Park in Winston-Salem. We use soccer as the developmental tool.

Summer Program 2023

Block #1: June 7th – June 28th (Wednesdays)
Block #2: July 12th – August 2nd (Wednesdays)

Location: Shaffner Park (900 Yorkshire Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27106)

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Ages: 3 – 12 year-olds (boys & girls)

Cost: $60.00 (ALL equipment provided)

parent checklist


Children learn best when they are in a safe protected environment where they are allowed to fail without ridicule. When playing indoors ensure safety first in an area they won’t fall over and injure themselves. When playing on a wooden or linoleum surface we recommend no socks so
they don’t slip and fall into something.This can be done outdoors in a relatively small space.


The first line in a child early development are the parents.The interaction between you and your child is paramount, because of a child need for parental approval is what really sets them up for deep learning and long term memory.Uploading these skills to their brain in an emotionally charged environment with a parent is key.


Celebrate by praising your child’s effort as much as his/her ability to learn new things. Many kids learn at different speeds so you need to be patient. Get them to show you what they have learnt and give positive reinforcement.


Video your child practicing with the ball so they can see their own improvement. Not only will those be fun family memories, but as you continue to document their progress, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they pick up new skills!